Practical Architects with creative solutions.

The Frandsen team specializes in custom design.  We are an innovative hard working team that improves the lives of people by taking a fresh look at design and applying best practices from around the world to our projects.

Our vision is simple: we form solutions that exceed expectations and enrich communities by not only honoring traditions that have passed, but also advancing them. Our level of client communication encourages innovative solutions that not only impact our neighborhoods and communities, but challenge us to think bigger, inspire brilliance, and create structures that withstand the test of time.  Frandsen has experience with various projects and are always looking for the most practical, creative & cost effective solution to a challenge.

Established in 1993, the collaborative at Frandsen Architects has brought a new level of commitment to both design excellence and community enrichment that has led them to be one of the most innovative and sought after commercial design firms in the Greater Atlanta area