Site Observation Report #7

Project Name:  Emory Johns Creek Hospital:  6300 Building - Suite 145

Project Address:  6300 Hospital Parkway, Johns Creek, GA 30097

Date of Observation:  Monday, 24 August 2015

Weather:  Sunny, 76°F

Time:  9:00 am

Attendees:  Cary Bond - Cork Howard Construction Company

                       Efrain Guizar - Cork Howard Construction Company

                       David Caldwell - Emory Johns Creek Hospital

                       Erik Frandsen - Frandsen Architects, PC

                       Brittany Cencula - Frandsen Architects, PC


Work In Progress

- ceiling grid and tile installation

- casework installation in the exam rooms, nurse station & lab areas

- gypsum wallboard finishing

- electrical panel installation nearing completion


General Notes

- First coat of interior paint color has been applied

- HEPA filter used to keep negative pressure inside the construction area

- Negative pressure alarm next to construction entry indicating negative pressure

- sealant has been applied to existing concrete slab crack


Previous Work

- installing the electrical system

- gypsum wallboard installation

- installing water piping.


Site Pictures